Good weather in the Netherlands, foul weather along the Iberian coast



The beautiful autumn in The Netherlands was the cause of a very adventurous voyage for the Wylde Swan. Whereas in The Netherlands one heat record after the other was broken, de Wylde Swan hopped from port to port to take shelter from the strong winds and high waves lashing the coast of Portugal.

For months there had been a high pressure area above central northern Europe. The depressions that would normally arrive in The Netherlands from the Atlantic ocean were now deflected to the south. Instead of the usual wind there was suddenly  a western wind of tremendous force unleashing meter-high waves off the Portuguese coast.


The strong wind and tall waves forced captain Fosse to look for weatherwindows. Steadily sailing south, time and again he had to take shelter from wind and waves in harbours and bays.


After calling in at many ports on the Iberian coast, the Wylde Swan finally sailed to flower Island Madeira. They reached the stable trade winds of the Azores high.


The  Masterskip students and the crew can look back on a fine battle with the elements and a fantastic adventure.


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