Interview with Captain Fosse



How long have you been sailing?


I have been sailing my whole life, I grew up with sailing. I had my own little boat, Lefin.

My father taught me the practical side, like pulling sheets and setting sails. My mother taught me the romantic side; stories about pirates and the sea for example. On board the Wylde Swan, I have been a captain for more than five years now.


Which Masterskipvoyage do you like the most?


This was my eleventh trip with Masterskip. For me voyage 1 and 5 are the most fun, because you have to be flexible and inventive and because of the weather it is always a challenge.

What is the best thing about living on a ship?


The best thing about living on a ship is that you do everything together. There is room for creativity and you can experiment with the ship; it is like a playground for adults. Life on board gives people the opportunity to do things that they cannot do at home. It is a good place to make rules together and live as a family.


If you had to choose a another job on board, which would it be?


I would choose a ship’s engineer; I like to repair and improve things. Both as Captain and ship’s engineer you solve puzzles. As a captain for example, you have to find out how to sail the ship from A to B in the safest way and to listen to what the ship and the crew need.


Are you sailing on other ships?


Yes, for example I sail for classic schooners with a maximum of 12 guests. But the trips differ a lot from Masterskip. Companies and friends ask me to sail with them. And at the end of the season I sail Regatta’s. It does not matter what kind of people you travel with, you always do your best to mke it an unforgettable journey.


What is the most important in your job?


That it is and remains interesting and that there is trust. The work that I do now is still challenging and keeps me sharp. Part of sailing and being a captain is that things always change; goals can be changed, the right choices have to be made and it is important to do this together with the people I work with, so that the atmosphere on board is good. Even though you have a different view on how to achieve a goal. If you continue to put energy into it and work together with each other, then it always goes well.