The ideal corporate event: Sailing with your team on the Wylde Swan at Scheveningen

Sail at Scheveningen june 20-23 2019



In the weekend of 20-23 june 2019, two-mast topsail schooner Wylde Swan is berthed in Scheveningen for the majestic sailing event Sail at Scheveningen. During these days it is possible to host a corporate event on board.


You are warmly welcomed by our captain and friendly service crew. When the mooring lines are loose, we sail calmly along the other large sailing ships in the harbour, after which we set sail and go out on the sea.


You are welcome to help with sailing, navigating and steering. Because the event is late June, we expect beautiful weather.


On board you will be provided with tasty snacks and drinks. For our participation in Sail op Scheveningen, none other than Bob van Bemmel has put together a menu for you. The famous chef has combined the best products for a fair and tough menu. Guided tours are given by the ship, where normally young people take the trip of their lives during ocean crossings during school hours.


For more information call +31515-231712 or mail to


If you want to come on board individually?, please let us know.


Prior to Sail at Scheveningen, the Wylde Swan races along with the Liberty Regatta from Honfleur, through the English channel, across the North Sea to Scheveningen. This race is organized in the context of the celebration of the liberation of Northern Europe during the second World War 75 years ago. Also you can sail with us on this magnificent trip.