About Wylde Swan

"Our dream was to build a Tall Ship that is optimally suited for Sail Training for youngsters and team building for professionals. Wylde Swan is our dream come alive."


Hinke de Vries
Ship owner


The two 40-meter masts and her oversized sails dominate the Wylde Swan silhouette. On deck you will find large spaces for gatherings, as well as several nooks and crannies that offer a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the busy ship. The aft deck is spacious and offers beautiful looks, while the middle deck can be covered over to protect from harsh sun or rain.


The slightly oval shape of the main hold is inpsired by two hands, clasped together as a symbol of togetherness. The main hold is the heart of social life on board, and is easily reconfigured for study, meals, and rest, as well as the occasional raucous party. We wanted to give the ship a fresh and modern feel. By using a muted color pallete we accented the spaciousness of the deck house and the main hold. Both feel like a blank canvas, ready to be made home by the people who came on board.

The main hold is the heart of the ship

The deckhouse is used for eating and studying

The officer's mess offers a private work space on board

Your bunk bed is the only private place on board

You can also choose to sleep in a hammuck

The ship's history

Wylde Swan began her working life in 1920 as a ‘herring hunter’, to bring the fresh catch from the North Atlantic to market as quickly as possible. Between 2007 and 2010, the sleek ship with the beautiful lines was converted into the spectacular schooner that the Wylde Swan is today.

The Wylde Swan’s predecessor, the Swan fan Makkum, was specially built as a new ship in 1993 to be the largest brigantine in the world. That was the first year we participated in the Tall Ships Races with Swan fan Makkum.