Entertain your guests in the authentic atmosphere of a working Tall Ship


Wylde Swan is ideal for receptions, meetings, workshops and parties. The spacious aft deck offers plenty of room for mingling and the middle deck can be covered over to protect from harsh sun or rain.


The mainhold offers room for 50 persons in meeting of workshop configuration. When it’s time to party, it can easily house up to 120 people.


Catering options on board range from hearty meals for hungry sailors to culinary experiences that easily match restaurant quality. From a quick bite to a multiple course sit down dinner, the Galley is up to the task. Our chefs pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and our service crew is welcoming and friendly.


Our team can make you a tailormade proposal





Inspiring session on personal & team development*

A Masterskip student and a teacher, who sailed the ocean on the Wylde Swan, take you into the world op personal leadership, growth and team development. When a 16-year old girl talks about her tough choices, your team is 100% motivated to get started.


The real story of the Flying Dutchman*

In the dark hull of the ship, your guests are taken into a world of headwind, storm and riddels. Anyone who has heard te the real story of the Flying Dutchman will no longer just sail out…


Sustainability in education*

A Masterskip teacher takes you along in sustainability education on board. When our students examine a tuna with plastic in it’s stomach, ambassadors for a better world are cultivated. A confronional, but also inspiring lecture about our earth and a new generation.


Old school navigation*

An interesting explanation of how you sail around the earth on the trade winds. From the freakwaves in the Bay of Biscay to the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean. But also the competition that the British Admiralty wrote to solve the biggest navigation problem in the world; the longitude.


Sail close to all ships and hear about their secret stories**

You want to see all the Tall Ships from close up; this is the best from the water. From the deck of the Wylde Swan you step aboard a sloop of 10 passengers. The skipper sails past the ocean giants and tells the stories about the ships that nobody knows…..With a plateau of fingerfood, a nice drink and a few stories, you can enjoy the festival.


* € 10,00 p.p. minimum 50 persons

** € 50,00 p.p. excl. catering

Depending on availability


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