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News from the Wylde Swan.

Hospitality on board the Wylde Swan



Wylde Swan is ideal for receptions, meetings, workshops and parties up to 130 guests. Entertain your guests in the authentic atmosphere of a sailing Tall Ship.

The catering options on board vary from a hearty meal for hungry sailors to culinary experiences that equals restaurant quality. From a hearty snack, because the ship has to be sailed, to a multi-course dinner; our kitchen is equipped for these choices. Our chefs are proud of working with fresh, mostly locally grown ingredients and our service crew is hospitable and friendly.


To give you an example of our possibilities on board, we offer you one of our recipes here:


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Schotland adventures



This summer the Wylde Swan sails again on the Scottish waters.


Step aboard the Wylde Swan and discover the magical north coast of Scotland with its beautiful waters, rocky coastal islands and jagged cliff edges; a natural and adventurous playground for sailing and exploring. From the harbor of Sbrabster we sail north for discovery along beautiful islands and places, such as Kirkwall, on to Fair Isle, south to Stromness (or another Orkney destination), west to Sule Skerry, west to N. Rona and then south to Ullapool. Weather and wind dependent, together with the captain, the travel program on board will be determined.

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Interview with Captain Fosse



How long have you been sailing?


I have been sailing my whole life, I grew up with sailing. I had my own little boat, Lefin.

My father taught me the practical side, like pulling sheets and setting sails. My mother taught me the romantic side; stories about pirates and the sea for example. On board the Wylde Swan, I have been a captain for more than five years now.


Which Masterskipvoyage do you like the most?


This was my eleventh trip with Masterskip. For me voyage 1 and 5 are the most fun, because you have to be flexible and inventive and because of the weather it is always a challenge.

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The ideal corporate event: Sailing with your team on Tallship Wylde Swan in Scheveningen


In the weekend of 21-22-23 June 2019, two-mast topsail schooner Wylde Swan is berthed in Scheveningen for the majestic sail event Sail op Scheveningen. During these days it is possible to host a corporate event on board.


You are warmly welcomed by our captain and friendly service crew. When the mooring lines are loose, we sail calmly along the other large sailing ships in the harbour, after which we set sail and go out on the sea. You are welcome to help with sailing, navigating and steering. Because the event is late June, we expect beautiful weather.


On board you will be provided with tasty snacks and drinks. For our participation in Sail op Scheveningen, none other than Bob van Bemmel has put together a menu for you. The famous chef has combined the best products for a fair and tough menu. Guided tours are given by the ship, where normally young people take the trip of their lives during ocean crossings during school hours.


Prior to Sail at Scheveningen, the Wylde Swan sails for 6 weeks across the Atlantic Ocean from St. Maarten to France. After Sail at Scheveningen she will race along with the Tallships races in Northern Europe.


For more information call 0515-231712 or mail to

Het ideale bedrijfsuitje: Zeilen met je team op Tallship Wylde Swan in Scheveningen


In het weekend van 21-22-23 juni 2019 is tweemast topzeilschoener de Wylde Swan in Scheveningen voor het majestueuze zeilevenement Sail op Scheveningen. Tijdens deze dagen is het mogelijk om een bedrijfsevenement aan boord te houden.


Jullie worden hartelijk ontvangen door onze gastvrije servicecrew en welkom geheten door de kapitein. Als de trossen los zijn, varen we rustig langs de andere grote zeilschepen in de haven om daarna zeil te zetten en de zee op te gaan. Wie wil, mag meehelpen zeilen, navigeren en sturen. Omdat het evenement eind juni is, verwachten we prachtig weer.


Aan boord worden jullie voorzien van lekkere hapjes en drankjes. Het menu is samengesteld door topkok Bob van Bemmel in samenwerking met de Scheveningse vishandel Simonis. Er worden rondleidingen gegeven door het schip waar normaal jongeren de reis van hun leven op maken tijdens oceaanoversteken onder schooltijd.


Vooraf aan Sail op Scheveningen vaart de Wylde Swan 6 weken over de Atlantische oceaan van St. Maarten naar Frankrijk. Na Sail op Scheveningen zal ze gaan mee-racen met de Tallshipsraces in Noord Europa.


Voor meer informatie bel naar 0515-231712 of mail naar


Masterskip zomerreis met € 345,- korting


Masterskip Zomerreis 2019


Van 23 juli (Bergen-Noorwegen) tot 3 augustus (Aarhus – Denemarken) is er speciaal voor oud Masterskip trainees een 12 daagse Masterskip-zomerreis in de aanbieding.


De speciale prijs voor Masterskippers is € 975,00!

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Wylde Swan is hiring: engineer

We are often recruiting new crew to join our team. From June 1ste 2019 we are looking for an engineer.



As engineer you take care of all the technical equipment on the Wylde Swan. You make sure that regular maintenance is executed and you will do all necessary repairs.


Click here for vacancy engineer


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How do you cross the ocean?

The Wylde Swan has just departed from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. How does that actually work, an ocean crossing?




To cross the ocean only by sail, the Wylde Swan needs the trade winds. Due to, among other things, the rotation of the earth there are northeastern trade winds between 10 and 20 degrees above the equator. If you sail too close to the equator, you will reach the windless doldrums. Lees verder

Ahoy land in sight!

Fantastic ocean crossing ending in style


November 26th: The Wylde Swan leaves Santa Cruz de Tenerife to cover the 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic. Lees verder

Racing with the biggest sailing ships in the world

Toughen up, get more stamina,  on the Wylde Swan.


From 5 to 13 July, the Wylde Swan will participate in the tall ships race along with the largest sailing ships in the world. On this leg of the tall ships race, from Aalborg (Denemarken) to Frederikstad (Norway), we want to be the fastest ship!


During the trip you learn how to sail on a large sailing ship. You will also  learn to work together, to persevere, to improve on your limits, to push your boundaries. Lees verder