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Wylde Swan combines the majesty and tactics of the largest tall ships with the sailing characteristics and raw excitement normally only found on much smaller yachts.
Wylde Swan was built as the world’s largest top sail schooner. A fast sailer with an imposing rig. Below deck, the concept is simple – a big main hold in which people work, live and sleep together. In 2011, Wylde Swan was overall winner of the famous Tall Ships Race, and of the Trophy for Friendship and Understanding. This is an award for the friendships that arose on board of Wylde Swan.


Sail training is meant to teach youngsters how to sail, but especially the ‘soft skills’ that the trainees gain on board will stick with them for the rest of their lives: a sense of togetherness in a time of individualism, stamina and discipline in case of setback, showing leadership and trusting leaders. Our challenge is to carry forward our values on board to our trainees, en to connect this to the society that they are from.

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