Ahoy land in sight!

Fantastic ocean crossing ending in style


November 26th: The Wylde Swan leaves Santa Cruz de Tenerife to cover the 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic.


First we have been sailing on course 210 for a number of days in south-south-western direction. When we pick up the trade winds, Captain Tony van den Bos decides to change course and wear to course 270, straight west. During this manoeuvre unfortunately the mainsail is ripped resulting in the Wylde Swan immediately losing 1 knot of speed. We take off the mainsail and start the repair so that we can use it again a few days later.


The immensity of an ocean crossing makes everyone lose all sense of time and distance. It is now that everyone realizes that so much of the earth is covered with water. The realization that there are 4 kilometres of water under the keel is dizzying.


The atmosphere on board is good. The trainees are now used to life aboard a ship. The rhythm of the ocean has caught everyone. This means that the self-study hours are now up to speed and that the central tuition classes can give the trainees a wider broadening of their minds, a deepening of their perspective.


The moment that land comes in sight is always beautiful. Long before that moment the seabirds are the first to arrive. Then you see small clouds on the horizon.


When we arrive within 12 miles of our destination, there is that grey line on the horizon that slowly turns into the shape of an island. And then we smell land. After 20 days of salty sea air, land smells sweet. It smells of trees and grasses. Finally the noise is there: the sounds of the island and its inhabitants.


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