Zeil mee: Harlingen – Scrabster en/of expeditie vanuit Scrabster naar Orkney’s

Sail with Wylde Swan across the North Sea from Harlingen to Scrabster and/or join the sailing expedition to the Orkneys

Friday, June 18 2021, 05:00 pm – Tuesday, June 22 2021, 09:00 am and/or subsequently Wednesday, June 23 09.00 pm – Friday, June 25 16.00 am Scrabster.

Grab this unique opportunity and sail Wylde Swan together with crew and other guests from Harlingen (The Netherlands) to Scrabster (Scotland).

From Harlingen we sail via the Wadden Sea to the North Sea. From there we navigate towards the Scottish northeast coast.

Join the crew and participate in the watch system on board; experience the 24-hour rhythm on board. The nightwatches on a sailing ship are special moments; around you all is quiet and there is only as much to see as the moon and the stars allow.

Afterwards you can join the sailing expedition to the Orkneys, which will start on Wednesday June 23 in Scrabster and ends on Friday June 25 in Scrabster.

Take advantage of the combination discount on these two voyages and only pay € 900,00, including an extra night on board between the two voyages.

Get out of your comfortzone and take the leap!

View the voyage here: