Bob van Bemmel and the Wylde Swan



Developing yourself, sailing hard, fantastic catering and hospitality. These have been the ingredients for the success of the top sail schooner the Wylde Swan for years. For our participation in Sail op Scheveningen, none other than Bob van Bemmel has put together a menu for the guests of the Wylde Swan.

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75 years after D-day: freedom on the Wylde Swan


June 16 to June 22, 2019


Racing in freedom with the windjammers, clippers and other tallships.


75 years after the landing of the allied forces in Normandy, the Wylde Swan will join the Liberty Tallships Regatta. This race of sailing ocean giants goes from the French city of Rouen on the Seine to the Dutch city of Scheveningen.


Just a 4-hour drive from the Netherlands you can board the fastest ship of the fleet…

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