Sail with us on our milemakers on board the Wylde Swan


Sail with us across the North Sea and experience the life of a sailor.



Esbjerg (DK)-Scrabster (UK)€ 550,00      august 18-22

Ullapool (UK)-Harlingen (NL) € 575,00     september 10-15


These trips give you the chance to experience the real life of a sailor and join in on the rhythm of the sea. You can be part of the crew and you take part in the watch system on board. And…..if you are assigned to the midwatch, you can enjoy the silence of the night at sea and the beautiful starry sky above you, while you are at the helm. The crew will explain everything to you about all matters on board.


A milemaker is a trip with a lot of sailing, often on the open sea, intended to transport the ship from one port to another. And you can experience that together with us.


If you want to stay on board longer and sail along the beautiful coasts of Scotland, book a Scotland trip before, or after the milemaker.