Transition from Masterskip to summerseason


Summer is coming. The Wylde Swan has some beautiful trip ahead: France, Denmark, Norway, Scotland. But before we can start with these, the ship needs to be in ship shape and ‘summer ready’. The nice table ware and champagne glasses have been dusted, the coffemachine and beertap have been installed, ready to be used.


The summer season is very different from the winter season. During the winter, we sail with secondary school students, who do their schoolwork on board. After seven months of Masterskip all the maths and physics books can be taken to storage, the microscopes are no longer needed and the whiteboard will be used in the office until fall. This gives us room for all the equipment needed to run a good summer season.


The Wylde Swan is currently in France, yet all the equipment for the summer season was still in Friesland. The equipment filled up two large cars and it took three strong women to get everything from storage into the cars. A bus then took everything to France. Now that all the necessary items are on board, the Wylde Swan is ready for daytrips, receptions, parties and, of course, beautiful sailing.


Welcome aboard to meet and sail with us!