Sail Amsterdam 2020!

  What are the consequences of the corona virus for Sail Amsterdam 2020?   After consultation with the organization of of Sail Amsterdam 2020, we can inform you that at this moment the event will be continued as planned from Wednesday August 12 till Sunday August 16 2020.   The fact that the event is … Read more

Stuck on a sailing vessel in the Caribbean by Corona: the solution for 25 Dutch children on board the Wylde Swan

8300 kilometers | 4500 nautical miles| 15.000 liters of diesel | 36.000 liters of drinking water | 200 kilos of vegetables and fruit | 300 kilos of pasta and rice | 94 phones, laptops, tablets | endless adventure | 0 Kg C02

A six-week voyage at sea is rudely disrupted by the corona virus. This is the reality for 25 Dutch teenagers and a crew team on board the Wylde Swan.

The 25 high school students, 4 teachers, a ship’s doctor and 12 crew members have been sailing in the Caribbean for almost 3 weeks. The students are on board with a special program, in which Dutch students follow their school work on board the sailing ship for six weeks.

Christophe Meijer of Masterskip: “It’s great on board. Nobody is ill here. There is a great sense of hygiene, so no one will probably get ill. But the world changes by the hour”.

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