Interview with Merel Voncken about the Masterskip summervoyage


Hello everyone,


My name is Merel Voncken and in 2018 I sailed on the Wylde Swan with the Masterskip program on voyage 1 to the Caribbean. Because I really missed Wylde Swan, last summer I also sailed with the Masterskip summervoyage from Bergen (Norway) to Aarhus (Denmark).


What doubt’s did you have before booking the voyage?


Before I got on board for the second time, I was a little worried that it would be very different because there were other people and therefore less fun. But nothing could be further from the truth; I really liked the new group.


How was your experience with the Wylde Swan / Masterskip summer voyage?


Because we had all been on the Wylde Swan before, we could tell each other a lot about our different voyages and experiences. The first hour and a half therefore it was a big chaos in the mainhold, because everyone was busy talking about their previous experiences with the Wylde Swan.


What experiences will you take with you after this voyage?


I also learned many new things about the ship and sailing. Because we did not have to do school work, we were allowed to just participate in the watches; this means 4 hours on and 8 hours off. The Scandinavian seas were quite intense, so everyone had to get used to the new weather conditions. Fortunately, after a few days everyone was used to it and we could all enjoy the high waves and the strong wind.


Who would you recommend this to? What kind of people?


The Masterskip summer voyages are ideal for old trainees who want to return to the ship for a big reunion with your Masterksip friends, but also to get to know other old trainees and build up a lot more sailing experience. Not only old trainees can join, but also my friends from home can sail along. Because of this they would finally be able to see where my Masterskip stories took place.


What else is there to share? Anything fun, interesting you can tell?


I myself will be boarding the Wylde Swan for an extended period this summer as an interior manager; the job I also performed with the ship takeover during my Masterskipvoyage. I am really looking forward to this. I will also be on board with the Masterskip summer trip 2020 and I would like to see you get on board in Bergen to sail to the Netherlands together.


See you soon on Wylde Swan!


Merel Voncken