Change of course this Summer

As soon  as the Wylde Swan is berthed in the Netherlands, after 8 months of sailing in the Caribbean with the Masterskip program, the last trainees have disembarked and the crew has been switched, the Wylde Swan is transformed into a beautiful Hospitality ship.

From daytrips with luxury catering, sailing trips in Scotland and Norway, to participation in Tall Ships Races, the Wylde Swan is there.

Our nautical crew and service crew adapt easily and receive everyone in a hospitable way on board with a glass of champagne, or lemonade, depending on the nature of the group.

Before the ship is transformed, a hectic period of maintenance and conversion first precedes it; the woodwork, which has become bare and dark due to intensive use, needs to be refreshed, paintwork on deck is carried out, rusting of 8 months at sea is tackled, what is the condition of the sails……….But also: a tap installation on board, glassware, chaving dishes, luxury plates and cutlery; ready for 3 months of hard work with weekly and sometimes daily changing groups of guests.

But not this year…………….Covid-19 prevents us in running the program!

All events have been canceled, from the Aalborg Regatta, Sail Bremerhaven, to Sail Amsterdam. Countries do not allow foreigners, so we cannot sail our Sea Norway program.

The advantage is that we have a very long period of maintenance, in which a number of larger jobs are now being tackled and that is great! And because maintenance is now being carried out, we can enjoy sailing and receiving guests in autumn, when usually another maintenance period is being carried out.

The team of the Wylde Swan is also good in not to sit and wait and see what can an may not be done during summer; we organize alternatives and that has resulted in two beautiful sea sailing camps and a Sea sailing weekend XL. Ofcourse we will follow the rules and guidelines of the RIVM regarding the corona-virus.

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