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“Sailing trough the fjords towards Akureyri is like sailing straight into a painting.”

Fifty shades of green

As a photographer I’ve been in a lot of beautiful places, most likely because I tent to see the beauty in places other people would walk by without noticing. “Fifty shades of green” would be a perfect name to describe the cliffs we pass, the colours are surreal , the green plants blending with different colours brown from sand and volcano rock. A few clouds are swinging around the 1150 meter high mountains. In the bright sun you can still see the tops covered in a layer of ice and snow.

From the deck of the Wylde Swan?

Endless waterfalls are streaming down into the dark blue waters. From the deck of the Wylde Swan I have a good view and I can easily follow the way the water travels from the snowy tops, streaming down, and eventually reuniting with the sea again.


In the peaceful silence all of a sudden we hear a noise, followed by crew shouting “WHALE”. Everybody rushes to the deck to catch a glimpse of the magnificent animal. Twice the whale shows it’s so called “blow” before it disappears again.

The Magic you experience

Moments and places like these are almost impossible to catch with a camera. It is everything together that creates the magic you experience when you sail through the beautiful Fjords of Iceland with the beautiful wildlife keeping you company.

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Elvi Smits