Tallship Wylde Swan returned to the Netherlands after 248 days

foto Sabine van den Bos



The most famous ship of the Tallship fleet berthed in Scheveningen after a thrilling race from France. After more than 25,000 kilometres of sailing and more than twenty destinations on the world’s seas, the Wylde Swan is home again.


“It is always very special to arrive in the Netherlands again. During the last meters, before the mooring lines are belayed, electric sparks seem to be jumping between the ship and the Dutch quay, ”says Christophe Meijer of the Wylde Swan.


There is not much time to enjoy the time is the Netherlands. After the Tallship festival “Sail on Scheveningen” and a number of annual safety inspections, the Wylde Swan sails further to Denmark, Norway and Scotland.