With a milebuilder along the English coast on board the Wylde Swan


The first milbuilder takes the Wylde Swan from Amsterdam across the unpredictable North Sea. Then through the Dover Strait; the busiest water in the world, with her strong currents. Halfway the English Channel we sail the Solent and we moor at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.


We visit the local sailing club and on the sunday we enjoy a Sunday Roast together on board the Wylde Swan.


Then we sail on along the English southcoast with the final destination Falmouth. These 160 nautical miles are ideal for visual navigation exercises and tidal calculations.


The third an last milebuilder takes us along the the Bay of Biskay with his many faces.

Which side we are going to see, we don’t know yet and which nautical choices do we make…….. In the end we moor at Sanxenxo on the northern coast of Spain.


What is a milebuilder?

Learn all about sailing and navigation on a milebuilder from Amsterdam to Northern Spain. Have you always wanted to know more about navigation and sea sailing? This is your chance. The word largest topsail schooner, the Wylde Swan, is the ideal platform for learning to sail and make skippers choices. You join the watch (keeping) system on board. Depending on you experience, you can function as a watch system leader; of course always under the supervision of our own officers. Every day in the afternoon between 12 and 16 hours, there is a central block of practical lessons, which takes 1,5 hours. Ideally suited for building Yachtmaster Miles.