Sailors need water!

Watertank Wylde Swan

Sailors need water, that’s no news. They need a sea to sail, but just like other humans they also need to drink it. As you might have read in the earlier blog about our drinkingwater being sabotaged, we have a watermaker aboard that converts seawater into freshly drinkable water. But only the watermaker can’t do. […]

The Whale and the Water maker

A calm day at sea: it’s half past one in the afternoon. Only a few people are on deck, the other watches are taking a rest. A whale casually swims by, giving joy to those lucky few on deck. And the watch continues. ‘This looks strange, doesn’t it?’, the deckhand sais to the officer, showing […]

Fifty shades of green | blog from Elvi Smits

“Sailing trough the fjords towards Akureyri is like sailing straight into a painting.” Fifty shades of green As a photographer I’ve been in a lot of beautiful places, most likely because I tent to see the beauty in places other people would walk by without noticing. “Fifty shades of green” would be a perfect name […]

Cold winds carried a hint of ice in them from the distant north pole

Through fog and wind Jopavik, a tiny village  on the North-western coast of Iceland, sporting merely three inhabitants during summer, and two during winter, such was our destination.  During a relatively uneventful watch, while hanging from the yard, a steel beam suspended some twenty-fight meters in the air, the weather began turning. Off to port […]

The Wylde swan; a guide to the hesitant traveler. Blog by Bar Ayal

A ship, riggings, shrouds and more ropes than I could possibly count or name with my limited experience on a ship, sailing from Reykjavik to Akureyri, such was the image showing on my computer in sun stricken Israel. Driven by a thirst for adventure, a will to see uncanny things and on board of a […]

Expedition to Schotland

Sail with Wylde Swan across the North Sea from Harlingen to Scrabster and/or join the sailing expedition to the Orkneys Friday, June 18 2021, 05:00 pm – Tuesday, June 22 2021, 09:00 am and/or subsequently Wednesday, June 23 09.00 pm – Friday, June 25 16.00 am Scrabster. Grab this unique opportunity and sail Wylde Swan […]

Change of course this Summer

As soon  as the Wylde Swan is berthed in the Netherlands, after 8 months of sailing in the Caribbean with the Masterskip program, the last trainees have disembarked and the crew has been switched, the Wylde Swan is transformed into a beautiful Hospitality ship. From daytrips with luxury catering, sailing trips in Scotland and Norway, […]

Stuck on a sailing vessel in the Caribbean by Corona: the solution for 25 Dutch children on board the Wylde Swan

8300 kilometers | 4500 nautical miles| 15.000 liters of diesel | 36.000 liters of drinking water | 200 kilos of vegetables and fruit | 300 kilos of pasta and rice | 94 phones, laptops, tablets | endless adventure | 0 Kg C02 A six-week voyage at sea is rudely disrupted by the corona virus. This is the reality for 25 Dutch teenagers and a crew team on board the Wylde Swan. The […]